Tuesday, May 5, 2015


It is found that people also through solid waste materials on the foot paths and roads such as - bricks, tiles, boulders, stones, sand, soil, concrete blocks, cement / earth pipes, cement poles, construction waste dump, etc. This material causes inconvenience to the people walking on the foot paths and also vehicles moving on the roads. The total available land for public utility is reduced and also dangerous for people. Sometimes the public parks and traffic islands are also used for solid waste dumping. If a vehicle is parked on a road, the traffic police fines or parking fees is collected. Similarly the municipalities collect fees for dumping huge construction materials while someone constructs the buildings / houses. The municipality rarely shows interest to clean the materials left on the roads and footpaths. They only clean with broom sticks the garbage or only very light solid waste materials, but leave other materials.

Similarly for various purposes some  digging of roads and foot paths is done by people. But this pits, pot holes and ditches are not filled. Especially the people who walk on the roads has the least right.

Therefore as a special drive all the material in excess and solid waste lying should be scrapped from foot paths / roads / parks / public places. And also the pits, ditches and pot holes should be repaired or filled.

The material collected should be segregated and dumped. Anyone who wants to reuse it can pay nominal fees. This way some of the costs of scaping and filling would be recovered. If someone is found dumping material in large quantity, the respective people should be made responsible to clean the place. If it is unavoidable, the fees should be collected from the respective people and should be given a limited time to dispose it off.

Finally plant trees which require less water and drought resistant. The maintenance of the gardens and green spaces is costly, if high value and high water consuming plants are planted.


Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy

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